COVID19 - Community Help

As our regional and national quarantine and self-isolation protocols are being implemented, many individuals are forced to stay in their homes with little or no access to basic supplies, like medicine and food. You can help or ask for help using this platform.

Help Others

If you are heading out for a supply run and are healthy, free, and able, register as a Fetcher. Help others around your area get their supplies, and assist them by providing a contactless collection and delivery of their needed food items. 

Need Assistance?

If and where possible, it is best to avoid physical contact. And the fewer people at our stores, the better. If you are a high-risk individual, in self-solation, or have child care issues, send a request to a nearby fetcher. 

Fly and Fetch is a platform that values the importance of maintaining a safe community. During this pandemic, we have decided to make a temporary change, one where we shift our focus to helping those who are in need. The Fly and Fetch platform will now work to connect healthy and able individuals with those in-need of assistance, to collect and deliver supplies during this time of uncertainty and mandatory self-isolation. Our goal in this switch is twofold: firstly, to decrease the number of individuals who are visiting our grocers, and secondly, to provide support for high-risk individuals. Our services are free.

During this period, we encourage contactless pick-up and delivery as much as possible as we connect in-need and at-risk individuals with healthy, able-bodied citizens and neighbours.

Together, let’s do our part to help flatten the curve. Stay at home, social distance, and avoid contact where possible. Together, we are strong, and together, we will make it through and return to better times.

Please note that we don't charge any fee for our services. If you have any question, please contact us: