How Does it Work?


Search for a fetcher who is traveling to the destination of your choice, or somewhere close.

Send a Request

After choosing a fetcher, create and send a pick-up request. Enter item details and offer. You can offer money, perks, or both.

Wait for a Response

The fetcher will be notified and they have the option to either accept, decline, or counter your offer.

Pay to Connect

You will be notified once your offer is accepted. Each transaction carries a $6.99 service fee. After the fee is paid, contact information is shared and you can proceed with your transaction.

Young girl with lot of shopping bags with laptop

Information needed before applying!

items detail

You will need to provide specific information about the items you want to ship.


What you're willing to pay for your fetcher's services. Money, perks, or a combination thereof.


When you need your items to arrive by?