Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone who is 18 years older can use Fly and Fetch. Each member needs to go through the Fly and Fetch verification process of providing a government-issued id, completing the training manual, and providing a requested photo.  Fly and Fetch does not share any information with external stakeholders. 

Fetcher/Traveler – Any  Fly and Fetch member who is traveling abroad and has confirmed flight details. 

Fetchee/Shipper- Any Fly and Fetch member who is shipping a package to anyone or have a package shipped to them

Yes, Fly and Fetch is a legal entity. We are a marketplace that connects shippers and travelers. Our company does not condone any illegal activity. Fetchers/Travelers have full control over what items they allow to deliver.  Fetchees/Shippers are obligated to give and show an unpacked item and must allow the Fetcher/Traveller to check the item. Packaging can be provided but the fetcher should be present when packing the item/s. 

Fly and Fetch also requires all members to comply with airport security regulations and pay the fees of international import/export and customs law. We always recommend our users to check the regulations of every country traveling to, including stopovers. 

Any member of the Fly and Fetch community that violates our terms of service are promptly flagged and removed from our rooster.

Of course! Fly and Fetch identifies a need for affordable shipping. We would like to create a community that gives impact to both travelers and shippers. Travelers can earn extra cash or get perks while traveling. Shippers get access to affordable shipping to their loved ones and colleagues in other countries. 

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Yes, we do but we are working on it! Hang on!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more or collaborate with us, email info@flyandfetch.com!

Fly and Fetch is free to use and is open to anyone eligible to register and be a verified member. We only charge a fee when there is a successful match! Both Fetcher and Fetchee need to pay a small fixed fee to be able to communicate with each other. Fly and Fetch collect a service fee to cover transaction fees and operation costs.

At Fly and Fetch, we take the word “community” seriously. We want all of our members to have a good and safe experience while using our platform.  We proactively promote TRUST and SAFETY. We spent time to make sure our terms of use protects most stakeholders. 

We believe in the value that this community brings to alternative shipping needs. This is our sincere request to all users.

Let’s respect one another.

Fly and Fetch is not a courier company, it is a marketplace that creates a community. We do not tolerate: 

  • Profanity, abusive language, and rude treatment of any member 
  • Stalking
  • Threats 
  • Sabotage 
  • Assault (Physical, Mental, Emotional) 
  • LowBalling 
  • Manipulative Deal 

Respond to Requests/Messages

  • We encourage our users to respond to requests and messages within a 24hours time frame. 
  • Fetchers need to contact their Fetchees in a timely manner to give an update about the delivery. 

Avoid making transactions with someone not within the Fly and Fetch platform. 

Fly and Fetch verifies each user and provides precise terms and conditions in which all members are bound to follow. Fly and Fetch can provide a digital footprint of the transaction.

Due to some risks associated with the process of fetching and shipping, Fly and Fetch will only allow verified users to post on the platform. Fly and Fetch will not disclose any personal information such as home address and credit card information. 

Completed and verified profiles increases the chances of getting a request or a match. 

Yes, Fly and Fetch encourages you to pay duties and tax, as it is applicable to the item being shipped.  Refer to some of the links that may answer your questions. 

Bringing Items in Canada 

Canada Border Service Agency(CBSA) – Determining Duties and Taxes Owed

Canada Border Service Agency(CBSA) – Duties and Taxes Estimator 

Canada Border Service Agency(CBSA) – Border Reminder Checklist 

Taking items outside of Canada

Canada Post – Find and HS Code

Canada Post – Estimate Duties and Taxes  

We’re sorry to hear that. Please try these remedies. 

  1. Check your SPAM/JUNK mail. 
  2. Double-check if you entered the right email address in your Account Settings. 
  3. If all else failed, sent an email to info@flyandfetch.com Subject: Email Notification

Noooooooo. Are you sure? We truly care about you and we will miss you! 

If you wish to delete your account, please email info@flyandfetch.com so we can process that for you. Please give us up to 3 business days to process your request.